Cora Introducing a smart bottle to aide in data collection in the ongoing opioid crisis in America
The entire team collaborated on the concept development for this project. Coryn and I worked in tandem on the UX for the app, Personas, and User Journeys. Individually, I created and 3-D modeled the bottle and visual mockups for the bottle itself while also creating a barebones prototype of the app for use in the concept video.
Martinsville, VA
They say that home is where the heart is, but my home is a much more dire place than I'd like to imagine. Martinsville and the surrounding Henry county maintain the number 1 spot on the list of opioids prescribed per capita.

The population is only 13,645 as of 2015.
What Can Be Done?
Innovate. Create something that could be used to help. I know that I can't solve the whole crisis, but this could be a start.
The Opioid Crisis Is Huge
Our team started with the goal in mind of trying to solve the big problem. What could we do that could fix the opioid problem?

We quickly learned that the crisis as a whole was much larger than any one solve could help, and instead narrowed our focus on a much smaller issue that could serve as the stepping stone into solving the larger problem. That problem is opioid security and patient accountability.
Understanding The Problem Accountability- Current pill bottles provide no level of accountability
- Patients need to be held accountable for following dosages
- Patients tend to bend the truth regarding usage
- Pharmacists are the middle-man without knowing context

Defining Success
- Collect enough data to hold both sides accountable
- Hold patients accountable for their usage
- Provide data/statistics medical professionals for research
- Give the pharmacy a dog in the fight against the crisis
This is Cora The smart bottle designed specifically to gather data and provide usage information to both patients and their doctors safely and non-intrusively.
The Bottle
- Fingerprint-Locking Lid
- Integrated SIM Card
- High Density Polyethelene Plastic Body
- Built-In Weight Sensor
- Removable Rubber Grip
Creating The Bottle
Program: Cinema4D

Process: The bottle needed to fulfill the following four design objectives...

- Easy to hold, use, and manage
- Protective against possible tampering
- Secure in order to protect internal assets
- Modern, revitalized style for a new product
The CVS Partnership
CVS Pharmacies are prominent in the southern states. They are the most used and most trusted retail establishments in the areas where the opioid crisis has hit the hardest. Partnering with a brand like CVS gives the bottle credibility, reliability, and enables the potential users to trust the device. Not only that, CVS has been the pharmacy in recent years to take the leaps necessary to help human-kind. A perfect example of this is the removal of tobacco products from their establishments.
Breaking Down The App
When first entering the App, users are welcomed with the option of attaching their new smart bottle to the interface. Users enter a simple four-step process that includes powering on their device, setting their fingerprint lock, and agreeing to the terms and conditions regarding data collection.
After onboarding, users are given multiple options, varying from tracking the history of their drug usage to setting reminders to ensure that proper usage is not missed. We found that not only were patients not always being honest with their usage, some elderly users were missing the usage of necessary drugs altogether.
The Data
Data was one of the biggest parts of this innovation. The data received from the bottle alongside the mobile app is able to be immediately sent to doctors and other medical professionals. While remaining compliant with laws and regulations that protect user confidentiality, Cora will allow doctors and professionals to study usage patterns and gain important data that could help prevent future addictions and overdoses.
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Skills Used
UX / Product Design / 3D-Modeling / Concept Development
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