When I was a kid, I thought I'd become a professional bowler. I thought I could be the next Norm Duke. That dream didn't work out though, and here I am.

I'm a little different than most designers. I have a background in economics and sales, so not only can I get an idea across, I can also pitch it, make it wanted, and understand its financial impacts to a client or a brand.

I care, and by that, I mean I care about others. I got into sales to help people embrace technology. My success in that arena came from my patience to not only pitch technology, but show users how their lives could be improved by it. My goal was to show these people that something that they had never considered was really something that they couldn't live without.

This is also how I found design. Not only would I have the ability to grace my audiences hands with technology, I would also have the ability to help create it, mold it, and cater it to their very needs. This is why I love what I do. I love to help people improve their lives with the use of all forms of technology. I work in mobile, physical, web, digital, service, industrial, etc. You name it, I can find a way to contribute.

When it comes to design styles I've worked with, I am familiar with how to work with developers. In my professional experience, I've worked in both Waterfall and Agile. Both of which, I found to have their own quirks. If you want to hear more about these, give me a shout. I won't bore you with that information here.

The bottom line is this: If you are looking for a designer that enjoys the work they do while putting every ounce of effort into making sure the solutions they create are molded directly by what the user needs to make their lives easier, give me a call. I'd love to hear about working with your team.
- Cody Eanes

Ever heard of a T-Chart? Awesome! I made one to show my strengths across UX and other creative roles. If I work with you, this is what I can bring to the table.
Cody Eanes | Experience Designer