SpeakeazyPresenter and audience communication made easy
My Role
UX & UI Designer

I worked with a 16-person team to design and develop Speakeazy. I designed the iOS version of the app alongside the other designers on the team who worked on the android and web versions.
User stories, personas, app-flow diagram, wireframes, look and feel, moodboards, copy, theme, presentation
Speakeazy was a two-month long design and develop engagement that took an idea from paper to product in that same time-frame. It was my first project during my time at Intrepid, a Accenture Interactive Studio. Speakers have no way, currently, to poll an audience easily without asking a question out loud and trying to decipher the majority answer from a collective groan if the audience is large. Try asking 20 people at once what they'd like for lunch and see if you can find a collective decision.

Speakeazy allows this to become an easy task. Speakers can create a meeting and invite members of the audience to join and collaborate as the speaker presents. If the speaker has a question, they can simply pose it to the audience, who can then answer the question through the mobile app and give the answers to the speaker in real-time. Imagine holding a company-wide scrum with the ability to instantaneously receive answers and feedback from your employees. Audience members are also able to pose questions to the speaker without the old-time method of raising their hand. This is Speakeazy.
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