SecretMenu Creating a freelancing platform for chefs to create and cater to their own personal brand
SecretMenu was a group project that consisted of an Art Director, Copywriter, Experience Designer, Strategist, and Brand Manager. I worked in tandem with the AD to create the black and white branding. I worked with the ST and CBM to create user journeys and personas with use cases. Individually, I created and designed the app from wires to visual design.
Graduating Chefs
When chefs graduate from culinary school, landing that first big job doesn't just happen. Only 8%, eight, ocho, of culinary school graduates obtain that job they attended school to get. That leaves a very large community of chefs with great food and great ideas that have no way of reaching an audience and landing that dream job.
What Can We Do?
Create a platform where chefs that don't land their first job have an outlet to still expose people to their brand.
Prepping The Kitchen
Needs of the Users- Safety first, which means certification
- Quick and painless method of selling food
- Easy way to make money and gain a following
- Fun and enjoyable experience

Defining Success
- Give chefs an opportunity to create and maintain a brand
- Allow eaters to try food from new chefs
- Create new relationships between chefs and eaters
- Propel chefs into their career with an audience
Welcome To SecretMenu
The first freelancing platform for chefs and recent culinary school graduates
How About A Little Sign-Up Bonus
Upon signing up, our chefs aren't just excited about getting their food out into their world. Every startup comes with swag, right? Our chefs will receive containers to safely store their meals. They will also receive thermal bags in order to keep food at appropriate temperatures while in transit. Aside from those two items, all chefs need aprons, and what better way to display our brand than SecretMenu branded aprons.
The Future Of SecretMenu

As SecretMenu starts to gain traction and become a popular eating option, it will become clear that we set out to disrupt the culinary industry. Our aim is to take the industry by storm. We know that it isn't easy to get that first job unless you are lucky. With SecretMenu, chefs' futures can be more clear, and they'll be able to make ends meet too. After using SecretMenu, chefs will gain a following.
Skills Used
UX / Visual Design / Concept Development / Prototyping
Our brainstorming sessions consisted of three major pieces. The home of the feature, the triggers to get users involved, and the form in which the feature would live.
User Flows
With our user flows, we pulled information from the 4 major personas of DSC users and new members to lay out the plan for users to enter and interact with new features.
The table of contents section in the member profile questionnaire needed to be simple but telling. Users needed to be able to see their progress as well as be given the option to re-visit sections they had already completed.
First Version: I approached the first version with the idea of a simple grid-layout for the sections descriptors as well as a linear progress bar to verify completion percentage to the users.
Second Version: With my second visit, I opted for a circular meter that felt stylish and easy to understand. While this didn't make the final version, it tested well with users for understandability.
What I Learned: This Summer internship was more than just an awesome experience for me, it put the icing on the cake metaphorically. I learned more soft skills that hard skills. While design was top of mind during the process, learning how to work with a UX team and getting my first experience as a designer was more valuable than anything. The team was amazing, and so was the company. There isn't much more to say about that.
Mapping Out The FlowI had to keep in mind that I had two completely different user experiences to design with this app. Not only was it extremely important to nail down an easy and hassle-free method of selling food for our chefs, it was also extremely important to create an easy method for our eaters to find and buy food as well.
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