Destiny Friend-Finder Creating an in-game system that allows users to more efficiently communicate and find one-another.
My Role
I worked with two other experience designers on a group project that we split into three pieces. We all worked on the Destiny 2 title, but each had different problems to solve. For my section, I came up with this concept, designed the wireframes and digital assets, created user flows, and prototyped the final solution.
Current State
Bungie released Destiny 2 during the Fall of 2017. Fans of the franchise quickly noticed something; the social shortcomings that the original title lacked had not been improved. 

The game requires users to team-up with other users to complete tasks, which typically resulted in having to use a third-party resource. There, we had an opportunity: introduce an in-game system to allow users to find other players efficiently so that users never have to leave the game.
Laying the Groundwork Needs of the Playerbase- Easy access to activities
- Simple means of building teams
- Expedited measures that encourage socializing 
- In-game method to do all the above

Defining Success
- Encourage users to build teams 
- Create a simple interface that can run in the background 
- Familiarize new interface with previous features
- Increase screen-time with players no longer needing third-party
The Strength of Destiny
The Destiny brand alongside the power of Bungie as a developer brings a certain level of expectation with it. When Bungie failed to meet those expectations with the release of Destiny 2, the playerbase started to dwindle, but due to the overwhelming success of the original Destiny title and Bungie’s strong will to please their customers, Destiny can and will be sucessful with an implementation such as this.
The Audience
Hardcore Gamers
Hardcore Gamers are a tough bunch to please. I know this because I am one of them. Decisions made daily by video game publishers and developers are made public almost instantly. From that point, those hardcore gamers take the information and put on a showcase in online forums or on websites like Reddit.

These players are the primary audience. They are the players that are completing the most content in game and by result, are spending the most money on the game over time. Allowing these players to have an easier method of finding other players to complete more content makes sense.

Casual Gamers
Casual Gamers are a little bit easier to manage when it comes to making in-game decisions. These are the players that will typically embrace changes that make their lives easier. They sometimes feel as if they are at a disadvantage to other players because of their lack in play time.

These players will serve as our secondary audience. While the game isn't currently making as much money off these players as hardcore gamers, enabling this group to more easily find players in order to complete end game activities will entice these players to immerse themselves into the game more, which means more money.
After setting the goals for success, now came the time to think. I drew out what, at the time, I thought to just be the wires for one exploration, but these wires ended up becoming the actual solve. This flow was the culmination of the research and my thinking.

Drawn out above are the screens that would make the interface a reality. They solved the problems by providing:

- Activity selection
- Choices for groups of players to join
- A similar interface
- Information about other players
This Is Destiny Friend-Finder
Find, join or create groups directly from the in-game menu interfaceSearch for players or groups by activity Message or join groups immediately Make new friends completing in-game activities
The Benefit of In-Game Over Third-Party
Studies show that gamers are more willing to make in-game purchases and spend more time in-game if they are not required to lose screen-time due to an underlying issue with the game they are playing. When players are able to find friends and other players tackling the same objectives using an in-game system, they will not be forced to a secondary screen. This will allow Destiny and it's publisher, Activision, the ability to pump more content to their users and know that it will reach them.
Group Preference Selection
Upon entering the new system, players would start by selection their status here.

I kept the player name in the same place as the current interface. This is where players are able to see their current level progress as well as power level in the game. Easy access to this information makes finding groups easier by keeping that information front and center.

When players begin activity selection, they are given two options, looking for group (LFG) and looking for more (LFM). If two players are in a group and require a third player to join them, they will go into the LFM menu to post their group to the public. If a solo player needs a team, they will enter the LFG menu to find a group to join.

I also designed as close existing interface as possible. With a title like Destiny already being released, performing a complete overhaul to add an interface is difficult. A feature like this would most likely be implemented in a patch to add this to the current menus.
Join Group Screen
Upon entering the new system, players would start by selection their status here.

When players see the activity filter, this will verify that the group they are currently viewing with anticipation to join is looking to complete the same activity they are looking to do. Keeping this information near the top and right in front of the player will ensure that players don't lose time joining the wrong groups.

In the case that a group is open and willing to let anyone join, we will see the instant join feature. Players can easily join these groups with one click when that option is present. This feature is set to allow groups to form quickly and proceed into the game content as quickly as possible.

When players need a little privacy, the message player feature allows those players with groups to be a little more selective with the players that join their group. If you are a player looking to join a group, you can also use this feature to contact the group leader and make sure that your goals align for completing the task in-game that you are preparing to start.
Process & Screen Evolution
User Flow
LFG Flow:
 This is the user-flow setup for the use case of a player looking to join a group of players in order to complete an activity. This is the flow that is broken down screen-by-screen in this presentation.
Wrapping It All Up

At the end of the day, the goal is to make sure players are never forced to rely on means of finding other players that lie outside of the game itself. Destiny 2 is a title that brings along with it the expectation of social gameplay. While Bungie has done a number of things to get the brand to that point, there is still a long way to go in order to fully achieve that dream. Implementing a system such as this would do more for that goal than anything else they could do right now. The players are asking for it.
Skills Used
Game Design / UX / UI / Prototyping
Team Members
Only Me 
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